Nest thermostat wire diagram

If your current thermostat has a wire in the C terminal: the wiring diagram that you'll get from the Nest compatibility checker will tell you to connect the C wire to your Nest thermostat.; If your

current thermostat doesn't have a wire in the C terminal: the compatibility checker won't tell you to connect one.Do not connect a C wire to your Nest thermostat unless the checker's wiring diagram High voltage systems typically have a thermostat that is labeled 120V or 240V, and has two thick wires with wire nuts. High voltage systems, such as electric baseboard heaters, aren’t compatible with the Nest thermostat. What Is the Nest Thermostat and Why Would I Want One? The Nest Thermostat is one of the most popular smart thermostats on the market, mostly thanks to

… Price: $249.00Availability: In stock Page 1 Thermostat E Installation Guide; Page 2 Don’t want to install your Nest Thermostat yourself? The Nest Thermostat is designed for DIY installation, but you can also hire a Nest Pro to do it for you. They’ll take care of installation and make sure everything’s up and running. Thermostat wire comes in various weights. If you have heat and AC, you’ll need 18/5. If you’ve only got heat, 18/3 is sufficient but you may want to run 18/5 anyway for a bit of future-proofing. Unless you want to be replacing batteries or worrying about untimely thermostat malfunctions, it's best to have a c-wire to power today's WiFi thermostats. In this article, I'll explain what a c-wire is and what it's for. Plus, I'll show you how to check if you have one and explain your options if you don't.

NOTE: Although many home heating and air conditioning systems have a standard type thermostat cable with color coded wires, the wires should be identified to make sure of the exact purpose for each wire. Venstar Add-a-Wire on Why add a wire? In short, Wi-Fi thermostats need more

power to run that always-on Wi-Fi connection. The C-wire a common wire that delivers a continuous flow of electricity to your thermostat. So, you now own one of the hottest smart home devices around, the Nest Learning Thermostat, priced at around $250.Wondering how to set it up? Don’t worry, because we’re here to …

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