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CHEVYTHUNDER.COM . Basic LS1 components. The LS1 engine, when it was first introduced in the fall of 1996 for the 1997 Corvette was an instant success. Here we have Chevrolet Wiring Diagrams and

related pages. Wiring Diagrams: 57 Chevy -150-210 Belair wiring diagram - Drawing A 1964 Chevelle Wiring Diagram: Figure A Figure B 1965 Chevy II Wiring Diagram: Figure A Figure B 1965 Impalla Wiring Diagram: Figure A Figure B 1967 Chevy-AC-Assembly Manual - Drawing A 1968 Camero wiring - in a .PDF file Best gallery images for wiring diagram, wiring harness, electrical diagram, engine diagram, parts diagram We have nitrous for anything! If your vehicle is not listed please contact us to discuss a system that will work for you. Experience in a Book Fuel System Maintenance . Tank, Sump, Pump, Lines . FUEL LINES: The fuel pump in the XJ-S (in the trunk) can put out nearly 200 psi. This is way too much for ordinary fuel hose -- do not use it anywhere in this fuel system. Most auto parts stores now carry "EFI hose." 1985 Jaguar XJ6 LS1 V8 Conversion By David Yurechko Last Updated June 16, 2014 After working with

all kinds of vehicles for a number of years, I decided it was time to put together my own hot-rod. This will give 4.5 - 0.5 = 4.0 milliseconds at 14.0 volts while running with the alternator charging normally. There is lots more information on setting dwell here: Setting Dwell. Here is a video of the coil in action - with the LS1 on the test stand you can hear the sparking, not loud but certainly audible. With the LS2/truck coil it sounds like someone is banging on the table! For years talk of electric water pumps had been circulating through the LS1 community, and finally

Meziere has delivered. Whether you are a hard core drag racer who wants to just cool the car in the pits and staging lanes, an enthusiast who's itching for more power from his heads/cam car, or just a basic bolt on type of guy, an electric water pump is probably for you. Surprisingly short mod list makes this LTG-powered

Camaro capable of 10-second 1/4-mile passes. Camaro enthusiasts were fairly unhappy when Chevrolet announced that the sixth generation muscle car would come with a four-cylinder engine. Even though it is turbocharged with 275 horsepower and even though Camaros in the past have come with a fuel-sipping four-cylinder, traditionalists were Patrick Rall A lifetime automotive expert, diehard Dodge fan, and respected auto journalist for over 10 years, Patrick Rall is highly experienced in the automotive world.

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